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Alice Peterson suffers from postpartum depression. Her gynecologist refers her to Donald Silverstein, a psychiatrist who specializes in hypnotic regression therapy (HRT). During hypnosis, Alice reveals that in a past life, she was Mary Magdalene. Throughout 9 hypnotic sessions, he describes with great precision geographical and historical details of his life in the time of Jesus. Before questions such as: was Jesus a poor carpenter born in Bethlehem? Did he have other siblings? Was he believed to be the son of God? Resurrected? She answers these questions in a thorough way, because she was there. It reveals to Dr. Silverstein the true birthplace of the Lord, his education, social status, youth, ministry, judgment, crucifixion, burial, and resurrection. He also explains everything related to his wedding, his daughter, his own ministry, and his disagreements with Pedro.

The author understands the reasons why most churches do not accept that Jesus had carnal relationships. Although the hypothesis has been put forward many times, it is not accepted by most Christians. For them, Mary Magdalene was one of his disciples, or Apostle, and Jesus loved her as he loved his other disciples. The book recounts the life of Jesus from the perspective of his wife. It deviates from the orthodox representation presented by Christian churches, and in some cases contradicts them.

Dr. Giuseppe is a Christian committed to his faith, and as such, believes in the divinity of Jesus, and in his teachings. He understands why most Christians cannot conceive that our Lord has been married. Only after listening to the tapes, and reading the medical reports and the transcripts of the hypnotic sessions, did he decide to undertake this project.

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